The Corporation is pleased to provide its shareholders with an easy, efficient means of acquiring additional shares of Company common stock through our transfer agent's Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan. The Plan, sponsored by Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, LLC, offers direct enrollment and transaction capabilities, as well as these additional benefits:

  • Apply cash dividends towards the purchase of additional WASH shares with no minimum amount, and without a fee or broker’s commission.
  • Purchase additional WASH shares through Broadridge without a fee or broker’s commission:
  •           - Invest as little as $25* or as much as $10,000 per transaction
              - Purchase shares by check or by direct debit of your bank account
              - Make a one-time investment, or set up recurring transfers from your bank account
              - Invest any dollar increment you choose - no need to purchase whole shares
              - Make your investment at any time
  • Sell or transfer WASH shares held in the Plan directly through Broadridge, without going through an outside broker.
  • Complete share transactions through Broadridge’s secure online website.
  • Deposit WASH shares you currently own in stock certificate form into the Plan for safekeeping.
  • Access your WASH shareholder account via Broadridge’s secure online client portal to view statements, tax forms, transaction history, and more.

Information about the plan is available here or upon request by contacting Broadridge at 800-852-0354 (toll free)

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* For new shareholders, the minimum initial investment is $250. Once you are a shareholder, the minimum purchase amount is reduced to $25.